Why Promiscuity Keepers?

Why the name “Promiscuity Keepers”?

We chose this name as a riff on the “Promise Keepers,” an anti-sex, ultra-conservative Christian group aimed at men. The Promise Keepers ministry teaches that women’s sexuality is the property of men; they believe that women should pledge their sexual chastity to their fathers until marriage, after which their sexuality belongs to their husbands.

This Web site is a repository for commentary, essays, and writings about sexuality from the perspective that sexuality is a normal, healthy part of human functioning; that there is nothing inherently wrong, demeaning, or dirty about sex; and that sexual expression and sexual self-determinism are an important part of human rights, dignity, and agency.

We do not make the claim that promiscuity is inherently better than sexual chastity–only that sex is nothing to be ashamed of and that any form of sexual expression between consenting adults, from sexual abstinence to sexual monogamy to non-traditional, non-monogamous sexual relationships can be healthy and positive provided they are not coerced and are freely chosen between consenting adults.

The Promise Keepers seek to promote a view of sexuality that we find misogynistic, narrow, coercive, and restricting. Since these are everything that we are not, we decided to choose a name that reflects an alternative to such teachings.

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