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Slut-Shaming: How Framing Matters

As almost anyone with television, radio, or Internet access is no doubt aware by now, a woman named Sandra Fluke was recently attacked for three continuous days by right-wing radio commentator Rush Limbaugh for her testimony in front of Congress … Continue reading

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Sexual Values, Moral Myopia

“Quand la morale triomphe, il se passe des choses tres vilaines.” (When morals triumph, many very evil things happen.) –Remy de Gourmont The extent to which people confuse sexuality with morality never ceases to amaze me. It shouldn’t be amazing, … Continue reading

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Teen’s Threesome Goes Wrong. Is it…Satan?

Culture is a funny thing. It seems that most–perhaps all–cultures have, somewhere down deep in their collective folklore, some very strange embedded ideas that simply refuse to go away no matter how implausible (or impossible) they are. In the Congo, … Continue reading

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