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Shame & Sex

http://youtu.be/8n5O9tz30So I saw this video today posted on Facebook and I really liked it, so I wanted to share it. But I also had something to say about it and my comment ended up being longer and more rambly than … Continue reading

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Food for Thought: The GOP’s Bizarre War on Sex

From Salon.com comes this article about the US Republican Party’s all-out assault on sexual freedom: Rick Santorum, who has compared gay sex to bestiality, outdid himself in an interview that resurfaced this week in which he suggested that states should … Continue reading

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The Problem with “Sex Addiction”

The Telegraph’s Web site recently ran an article by Dr. David Ley with the provocative title Why There’s No Such Thing as Sex Addiction: [T]here’s no standard definition of sex addiction. It hasn’t been recognised as a bona fide disease … Continue reading

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Sexual Values, Moral Myopia

“Quand la morale triomphe, il se passe des choses tres vilaines.” (When morals triumph, many very evil things happen.) –Remy de Gourmont The extent to which people confuse sexuality with morality never ceases to amaze me. It shouldn’t be amazing, … Continue reading

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