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I Love Sex and I Vote

Some time ago, before Rush Limbaugh and his buddies launched their all-out assault on women in their effort to give the Democratic party a landslide victory this November, I created a bumper sticker over at Cafepress: “I (heart) Sex and … Continue reading

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Consciousness raising in Tumblr

Asked of a Tumblr blogger: If you had a daughter and she was going to go out to a party with guys drinking would you let her go out looking like a slut? There is a brilliant response by Tumblr … Continue reading

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Shame & Sex I saw this video today posted on Facebook and I really liked it, so I wanted to share it. But I also had something to say about it and my comment ended up being longer and more rambly than … Continue reading

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High Weirdness: The Lawson’s Vaginal Washer

From the depths of Victorian sexual prudery comes this device, the Lawson’s Vaginal Washer, designed to clean the inside of one’s vagina by means of a perforated water-spraying tube surrounded by–and I shudder to say this–rotating squeegee scrapers. Tweet

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