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Food for Thought: “In Defense of Casual Sex”

From Psychology Today comes an article called In Defense of Casual Sex, which has this to say: The truth is, long-term relationships or marriage do not guarantee a satisfying emotional life or sexual intimacy. Everyone knows someone stuck in a … Continue reading

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Food for thought: Modesty

“I think the pressure on women to expose themselves for the sake of titillating men is wrong, sexist and unfair. “Girls Gone Wild” is exploitative. Victoria’s Secret uses photoshop to mutilate models’ bodies and capitalize on the insecurities of young … Continue reading

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Teen’s Threesome Goes Wrong. Is it…Satan?

Culture is a funny thing. It seems that most–perhaps all–cultures have, somewhere down deep in their collective folklore, some very strange embedded ideas that simply refuse to go away no matter how implausible (or impossible) they are. In the Congo, … Continue reading

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