Call for Writers

Promiscuity Keepers is soliciting articles from people interested in sex-positive culture, society, or science. If you’d like to contribute, either a single article or a regular column, we’d love to hear from you! We can’t currently pay contributors, but we’d be happy to place a 220×220-pixel banner for you if you contribute.

We are interested in short to medium length articles on any of the following subjects:

Society and culture

  • Links to news articles, journal essays, or scholarly articles about human sexuality, culture, or sexuality and the law, with your commentary.
  • Articles about social trends, social views on sexuality, and so forth
  • New trends in sexuality or relationships (or both!)
  • Commentary on sexuality in movies and pop culture

Personal essays or stories

  • Articles about your experiences in non-traditional relationships, including polyamorous, swinging, bisexual, gay/lesbian relationships, and other unconventional sexual or romantic relationships
  • Personal stories about being sex-positive and/or your interactions with non-mainstream subcultures, work environments, family, or society at large
  • Personal narratives about your sexual identity or experiences
  • Stories about overcoming adversity during your sexual development


  • Biology of sex and sexuality
  • Medicine and sexuality
  • Psychology of gender
  • Psychology of relationships
  • Bioethics and sexuality

Ethical, philosophical, cultural, or anthropological articles or essays

  • Articles about non-traditional sexual relationships
  • Essays about ethics and morality of non-traditional relationships or sex-positivity
  • Articles about the intersection of religion and sexuality
  • Anything else that you feel might be relevant

Sound like your cup of tea? Contact us!

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