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Some thoughts on ending rape

Recently, I started noticing references in my Twitter feed to a Twitter account called @EndingRape. The account belongs to a man named Richard Hart, who has a Web site and book called Keep Your Daughter Safe. Now, I don’t think … Continue reading

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Link: Why I hate 50 Shades (it’s not what you think)

With the 50 Shades of Grey books the most popular novels in the country right now (one out of every five fiction books being sold in the United States as I write this is one of the 50 Shades books), … Continue reading

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Top Tips for a Lousy Sex Life

It’s a truism that women’s magazines encourage an approach to sex that isn’t very healthy. Sex is often portrayed in magazines like Cosmo as a mechanistic set of techniques to learn, much like auto repair or hooking up a stereo, … Continue reading

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The last sex tips you’ll ever need

Women’s magazines love running articles, often with lurid headlines, about the amazing sex tips you can use to keep your man happy in bed (and thereby, presumably, keep your man). They’re often filled with terrible advice, like “Stick a finger … Continue reading

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Psychology today: “How to Grow Up”

From Psychology Today comes an article with an unusual (at least in contemporary America) premise: The best way to have healthy, happy, sexually fulfilling relationships is to learn to be an individual. From the article: Becoming an authentic adult means … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on human rights

Today, I want to talk about the war that’s being waged in some parts of US society against contraception, sexual determinism, and women’s agency. Before I get started, though, let me say this: I am a white, cisgendered heterosexual man. … Continue reading

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I Love Sex and I Vote

Some time ago, before Rush Limbaugh and his buddies launched their all-out assault on women in their effort to give the Democratic party a landslide victory this November, I created a bumper sticker over at Cafepress: “I (heart) Sex and … Continue reading

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Slut-Shaming: How Framing Matters

As almost anyone with television, radio, or Internet access is no doubt aware by now, a woman named Sandra Fluke was recently attacked for three continuous days by right-wing radio commentator Rush Limbaugh for her testimony in front of Congress … Continue reading

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Food for Thought: Telling little girls “He hits you because he likes you”

On Views From The Couch comes this essay, You Didn’t Thank Me For Punching You in the Face, which questions the idea that boys tease, bother, and harass girls because they like them: I will teach my daughter to accept … Continue reading

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When It’s More than Two

Any time someone talks about threesome sex, or a media article about group sex appears, we can predict as sure as night follows day that the reactions will include all sorts of horror stories. “I did this, and it destroyed … Continue reading

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